Norway, Mainland coast, fjord and islands, including Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Review of Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation publication ‘Norway, Mainland coast, fjord and islands, including Svalbard and Jan Mayen’ 4th Edition

To those of us who have been fortunate enough to spend time exploring the coast of Norway, Judy Lomax needs no introduction. I would hazard a guess that the extent of her knowledge of coastal Norway far exceeds that of 99% of native Norwegians. Her cruising guide to Norwegian waters has always been central to the planning and execution of the 7 summers that we have recently spent exploring what she famously refers to as ‘the crinkly bits’ of the Norwegian coastline, of which Slartibartfast – of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame - was so proud.

While the rocks do not move much and the land has been rising only very slowly since the last Ice Age, as the years roll by a lot else does change in the daily lives of Norwegians and the information helpful for visiting yachtsmen - not least due to the ever-expanding use of the internet – which is all covered in this excellent new edition of Norway. Thus, this fourth edition, while at first glance may seem similar to previous editions, when one gets into the detail, the extensive updates in virtually every section of the book become evident - from pilotage notes to visitors’ moorings and shore-based facilities, not to mention sources of weather forecasts on the internet. The new edition also benefits from a number of new photographs and places to explore.

While there are other guides to cruising in Norwegian waters, none come even close to providing, within one volume, the quality of information or the level of detail contained within this publication. The Scandinavian countries are becoming increasingly popular cruising grounds for the yachting fraternity, especially those living in NW Europe. So I recommend anyone contemplating a cruise in Norwegian waters to buy this new edition and start planning your cruise. This comprehensively updated 4th edition will enable the reader, whether they be an ‘armchair yachtsman’, just thinking about cruising in Norway or an ‘old hand’, to get the most out of their time spent exploring the magnificent coastal waters of Norway.

John Sadd 23.08.2022

Norway ISBN 978 178679 186 3

Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation Published by Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson