RCC Marshall Awards

In an act of great generosity, Noël Marshall left a considerable sum of money to assist young members of the Club in undertaking ambitious cruises. His vision was that this would enable our Cadets to execute voyages of their own, or join more experienced skippers and develop their cruising in that way. This still remains the primary aim of the fund.

If you are a RCC Cadet member, or the parent/grandparent or proposer of one, please give them a nudge and remind them that the money in this fund is theirs, and is there to be spent.

If you are not a Cadet member you can still apply, so please read on.


There are no rules, only guidelines as to how the money will be given out. Our principal aim is to provide opportunity where it might not otherwise exist, and to develop in young people a proper interest in cruising. Of course, we recognise that ‘opportunity’ means different things to different people. For some, an Atlantic passage would be a worthy aim. But for others, early in their cruising careers, a voyage from one end of the Solent to the other would be opportunity enough. In both cases, and many in between, a Marshall Award could help.

Applicants need not be a member of the Club, although priority will be given to Cadets. They must be between the ages of 16 and 30 with a keen and ambitious interest in cruising under sail.


Noël Marshall made some considerable voyages and understood only too well how important a part of life sailing can become, and how inspiring it can be. It is now up to us, in his memory, to provide that opportunity for the young people Noel had in mind when he made this bequest.

Both RCC Cadets and Non RCC members may apply by completing this online form.

- Nick Chavasse Vice Commodore -

Previous Award Winners

Listed below are accounts written by previous recipients of a Marshall Award:

Award Recipient
Read (.pdf)
Gabriel Clarke
Greenland Sail to Climb 2019
Bryher and Tristan Francis
Day Skipper Course
Will Eaton
British Keelboat Youth Qualifier
Will Eaton
Cadet Cruise 2019
Kate Woodhouse
Crewing on the ARC+ 2018
Robbie Tidbury
RCC Cadet Cruise 2018
Katie Bagnall
Training week with Adventures Offshore
Peter Russell
Training for Yachtmaster
Edward Robson
Following Racundra and rock-hopping in the Archipelago Sea
Izzie Harrison-Hall
RCC Cadet Cruise 2017
Max Campbell
Single-handed from Falmouth to the Caribbean
Tom Chivers and Thomas Bott
Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Oliver Wells
From Westminster to the Arctic
Ollie Graffie
Falmouth to Grenada
Matthew Scott
Auriga's Adventures in Brazil
Trystran Lowe
Greenland Cruising 2015
Ben Warnick
From Greenland to Nova Scotia
Hugo Pedder
Vendel River by raft