Rites of Passage

New RCC Pilotage Foundation publication - in time for a perfect Christmas present

Authored mostly by various RCC Members, including our Commodore and other Committee members, this really engaging book will make a lovely Christmas present to give any sailor.

Rites of Passage is inspired by the 1986 Classic Passages, which can be found in the Club library. With each chapter written by a different RCC member, the 1986 book comprises a collection of passages then considered likely for a UK based sailor. Rites of Passage revisits this concept and is a co-venture between the Pilotage Foundation, Imray and Yachting Monthly.

The book is a selection of beguiling passages, each in turn needing increasing levels of confidence and experience. It shows how a modern well-found yacht and skipper might venture further now for a passage than considered likely in 1986. Each chapter engagingly tells of a passage in, or beginning from, waters around the UK. They start at the easier end, with Falmouth to Scilly, then Lulworth to Salcombe, and so on, ending with a passage across Biscay.

Yachting Monthly has published one of the chapters each month under the Rites of Passage title, leading to thirteen articles appearing with the Pilotage Foundation’s name under the eyes of the British yachting reader.

Jane Russell (RCC) has worked very hard on pulling the varying styles together and working with each author for each Yachting Monthly article. Now Jane and Imray have turned this all into a beautifully illustrated book - with added ‘why visit’ information about the destinations and expanded pilotage information for each passage.

If you enjoy Roving Commissions, you will surely like this too. It can be read with interest by all sailors, from new to experienced and will be a good read aboard UK based yachts, and in Sailing Clubs around the coast.

Rites of Passage will be on the shelves in time for Christmas present purchase on 10th December. Order your copy with a RCC discount by clicking on the link below.

For further information please contact Nick Charman - Market Development Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation -  market.development@rccpf.org.uk

  • Rites of Passage – Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation/Imray/Yachting Monthly -Various Authors
  • Published by Imray at £27.50, 9th December 2020
  • ISBN: 9781786790316