Corsica & North Sardinia

An excellent pilot by Madeleine and Stephan Strobel updated May 2020.

Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation CORSICA & NORTH SARDINIA
4th edition, Madeleine and Stephan Strobel Published by Imray.

This Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation pilot follows the familiar Imray structure and high quality of presentation: a useful introductory section covering weather and weather patterns, what to expect in marinas, including berth reservation requirements, officialdom &c, followed by colour-coded chapters running along the coastlines with multiple chartlets, and the essential index at the back. However, there are some notable features in this edition The many anchorages are given prominence by bold numbering on chartlets relating to bold sub-headings in the text. There cannot be a place to drop the hook that is not clearly marked and well described. This is the best pilot for anchorages I have found. Sections of coast are introduced with a useful planning guide, listing anchorages and ports in order between headlands, showing the winds they are open to. Preceding that are the normal passage notes giving advice and cautions. For the Maddalena archipelago in NE Sardinia, itineraries through the islands are proposed. Whether you use them or not, they enable the sequence of the text to follow a clear logic. As the authors say this is not a tourist guide. Nevertheless, this reader would have welcomed a little more shoreside detail going beyond essential yachting needs, such as “a good place to leave the boat while visiting....”, “bus to airport (30 mins) from outside marina” and so on. I closed this volume longing to return to this wonderful cruising ground and to dwell in so many of those anchorages that I must have sailed past lacking the detail to creep into and enjoy. Next time I shall be well equipped, thanks to this excellent pilot.

Will Pedder, March 2020