Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands Guide is very much a guide for tourists rather than a pilot book, but as such it has the information for a touring yachtsman to enjoy these islands.

Canary Islands Guide review

“The unique and only Guide for the Canary Islands published by Imray. Here we will start a community to help all sailors that visit these beautiful Islands.”

The above quote from the Canary Islands Guide web page is somewhat disingenuous in that Imray also publish The Atlantic Islands which includes a similar number of pages of information on the Canary Islands. True, the former is a guide and the latter a pilot, but it would be a pity if one took the web quote at its word and looked no further for relevant information.
That said the Canary Islands Guide contains much of the information given in the pilot accompanied by large clear photographs. As a guide to the Canary Islands it gives over much of the space to information for tourists, which is both interesting and instructive, but which has probably been helpful in selling the many pages of advertising.
Authors of these volumes have differing styles and tastes and for this reason I would choose to take both volumes when cruising these islands. The guide undoubtedly has the information for a touring yachtsman to enjoy these islands but for pure navigation and pilotage....take the pilot.

Reviewed by Alan Spriggs

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