Inland Waterways of the Netherlands (2nd Edition)

For such a small country The Netherlands has an amazing 6,000km of navigable waterways and there is something there for everyone.

Whether it is a transit route to the Baltic in bad weather, a short break from the East coast of England or as a base for your craft The Netherlands has it all. And if you are a first time visitor to the country and its cruising potential this book is a good place to start before you even set off, and even if you have been before as most places there are endless developments.

The introduction to Inland Waterways is very thorough and will bring you through the essentials to have on board, the logistics of getting there for crew changes and the like, plus a flavour of the towns and villages you are likely to visit. There are suggested routes and circuits you might take including the famous “Staande Mast” routes (literally Mast-up route).

As someone who lived and sailed in the Netherlands for many years if I were to take a boat there today I would certainly have this book on board.

Reviewed by Hilary Keatinge