The RCC Pilotage Foundation was established through a generous gift from an American Member of the Club, Dr Fred Ellis, made in memory of his father the late Robert H Ellis, MD and of his friends Peter Pye and John Ives and as a mark of esteem for the late Roger Pinckney. Since its beginning in 1976 the Foundation has been extremely grateful and privileged to have been given the copyright to books written by a number of distinguished authors and yachtsmen. The Foundation continues to depend on such generosity and on the dedicated work of its current authors and editors.

The RCC Pilotage Foundation’s charitable object is “to advance the education of the public in the science and practice of navigation”. To this end the Foundation collects and researches written, photographic and chart information relating to small boat pilotage, navigation and operations, including remote areas where other sources of information are scarce or non-existent. The information is then disseminated through conventional books and, increasingly, via passage planning guides, downloads, e-books, and other media, accessible via the RCC Pilotage Foundation website at

Pilotage information is welcomed from any source and may be sent direct to the Pilotage Foundation via Feedback on the Foundation’s website or by email to .